Terms of Use

Welcome to SmartlyPost!

Thanks for using our product. SmartlyPost is provided by Appzport Pvt. Ltd, located at811A, Advant Navis Business Park, Sec: 142, Noida 201 305 (UP) INDIA.

By using our Services or accessing nay part of our website, you are agreeing to the following terms. Please read them carefully. The website is available only for users who are 13 years or older in age.

Appzport reserves all rights to change or alter or modify all or part of this Agreement at any time, at its sole discretion. If we make any amendments, we will notify all users at the email ID provided by each user, and you are responsible for viewing the email.

In this agreement, ‘user’ is a term used for SmartlyPost’s free and premium customers. These terms & conditions apply on free and paying customers and not all users (blog readers etc).

1. SmartlyPost Account

The software is solely for user's personal use and is meant for professional purpose. You can make use of this software for your professional use, but you cannot charge a third-party for using the product or service designed for SmartlyPost. User cannot sell, rent, sublicense, lease or assign the SmartlyPost account to others.

SmartlyPost can change, suspend or discontinue the product at any time, including all or part of any feature, data or content. SmartlyPost also reserves the right to enforce limits on some specific features or restrict the user to access to parts or all of the Services without any prior notice or legal responsibility.

User certifies to SmartlyPost that he is not less than 13 years of age. User also certifies that it is legally permitted to use the Service, and takes full responsibility for the selection and use of the Service. This agreement is annulled where outlawed, and the right to use the service is withdrawn in such jurisdictions.

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, SmartlyPost grants user a non-transferable, non-exchangeable, restricted, non-exclusive, cancellable license to useSmartlyPostonly as allowed in this Agreement, for the term of free and premium users. The login credentials assigned to user must be kept off the record, may only be used by user personally, and may not be shared, rented, sub-license, given, or assigned to any other individual or company.

2. Intellectual property

User preserves all intellectual property rights on the content posted on social networking sites using SmartlyPost and SmartlyPost has no privileges on the intellectual property of the user including copyrights. User grants SmartlyPost a non-exclusive, non-transferable, all-inclusive non-sub licensable, restricted license to access, use, copy, automatically publish, broadcast,execute, format, show, store in library, save and index the content for the purpose of your use of SmartlyPost and SmartlyPost’s integration with the Social networking sites- Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn.

3. User Restrictions

  1. As stated above, user cannot and sell, lease, rent, license, sublicense, or assign use ofSmartlyPost to others.
  2. User cannot ask others to reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, or derive the source code from SmartlyPost.
  3. User cannot alter, change, modify, adapt, reconfigure, or prepare derivative works ofSmartlyPost.
  4. User cannot copy, distribute, extract, summarize, publish or otherwise use SmartlyPostin any manner which competes with or substitutes for Company’s distribution ofSmartlyPost to its customers.
  5. User cannot use SmartlyPost to violate the CAN-SPAM Act or the laws of any applicable jurisdiction
  6. User cannot use SmartlyPost to abuse, defame, stalk, harass, bully, terrorize or post illegal content
  7. User cannot use SmartlyPost to transmit a virus, hack, malware or any harmful or malicious content
  8. User cannot use SmartlyPost to attain unlawful access to Social Media sites
  9. User cannot use SmartlyPost to publish content on social media that breach the copyright act, trademark, publicity rights, trade secret, or other intellectual property interests of any other person or property.
  10. In case of a security breach, user will immediately notify SmartlyPost about the breach or security threat.
  11. User shall not use SmartlyPost for any purpose that is unauthorized or prohibited according to this Agreement.

4. Fees and Payment

SmartlyPost is an optional free and premium service available on the website. By selecting a premium service you agree to pay subscription fee to SmartlyPost. Basic version of SmartlyPostis available for free for lifetime, but for a premium version, the account will be upgraded only on receipt of the indicated fee. This premium fee is non-refundable. SmartlyPost reserves the right to recover the cost incurred in payment collection and realistic attorney’s fees paid in collecting overdue fees.

5. Renewals, Cancellation and Refunds

For paid accounts, the subscriptions renews automatically every month, and the user authorizes SmartlyPost to process the payment on the renewal date of user using the details ofthe credit card. Cancellation of subscription can be done through email support. Upon cancellation within 30 days of subscription purchase, one month subscription fee will be refunded to your bank account.

6. Termination

If SmartlyPost for any reason believes that user does not comply with terms and conditions, the company can, at its sole discretion, terminate your access to the website or a part of website with immediate effect at any time. The company is not liable to notify or explain the cause of account termination. The Disclaimer provision and Liability limitation will survive any termination of this Agreement.

7. Content

User is solely responsible for the content posted on social media through SmartlyPost. Concerns like trademark, copyright, patents, trade secrets, service marks and propriety rights will be solely dealt by the user in case of conflict. SmartlyPost neither supports the distribution of abusive, pornographic or violent content, nor shall be held responsible for. User agrees to abide by law and share only permissible content on social media through SmartlyPost.

8. Warranty & and Indemnification Disclaimer

SmartlyPost hereby disclaim all warranties of any kind, implied or expressed, including those without limitation, merchantability warranties, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Neither SmartlyPost nor its promoters make any warranty an error-free website with interrupted access. User indemnifies SmartlyPost and its promoters from all expense claims including lawyer’s fee arising out of using SmartlyPost in general or from violating the terms & conditions.

9. Security

SmartlyPost cannot be held liable for any subject matter of this agreement under strict liability or legal or equitable theory for incidental or consequential damages, procurement cost, or for data loss or access interruption.

10. Entire agreement

This Agreement comprises of the complete contract between SmartlyPost and its users and is above all prior or temporary agreements, written or oral, between the parties, wrt the area under discussion enclosed herein. This Agreement cannot be changed or modified except by legal instrument executed by a corporate officer of the company.