16 Reasons Why I Won’t Give Up On You

It’s been 268 days since you approached me at the bar. That’s almost three-quarters of a year. And in those 268 days we have become “I-can-tell-you-something-with-just-my-eyes” close. We have laughed until we cried and you’ve made me cry. We have talked about everything, and yet, when it comes to you, I am sure of nothing. I am certainly not sure how any of this will end —  except that I don’t want it to be now. You make me furious. You make me confused. You make me sad. You push my buttons in a way no one else knows how. But I won’t give up on you yet, and here are a few reasons why:

1. You’re motivated.

Two promotions in a few years’ time and you’re in no way ready to settle. You’re constantly looking for opportunities to stand out and make an impression. You don’t back down from a challenge, but it’s even more impressive that you’re able to challenge yourself.

2. You’re competitive.

When I’m on your team, I’ve grown to love that look of concentration you get on your face when you’re committed to sinking the last beer pong cup. When you’re my opponent, I’ve come to fear it. Winners win, as you love to say, and you are definitely a winner (except when I’m the competition, obviously).

3. You’re genuinely nice.

 You do things that people just don’t do anymore. At least the ones that I’ve met. A girl comes over to a crowded table and you immediately stand up and offer her your seat. It has nothing to do with whether you’re trying to get with this girl or not. Someone drops something on the subway and you head halfway across the car to pick it up for them. You can’t take a free sample of goat’s milk ice cream and leave empty handed because you feel too guilty. The most attractive part about this quality is that it’s instinctual — you do it without batting an eye.