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Watch this video tutorial to know how to integrate options and possibilities into your social media scheduler so you don’t have to untimely adjust your marketing decisions. For more about the key features and to learn how to effectively use SmartlyPost to promote your business using this effective social media marketing management tool, click play.

How SmartlyPost Works

Now Post Ahead In Time


Link Accounts

Link your social media accounts or business pages across various networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As you add your account, you allow SmartlyPost to post, tweet or share an update on your behalf. SmarlyPost works without compromising on your account security.


Add Content

As you add text, links and images, you create and customize categories and SmartlyPost adds your content to your online library at SmartlyPost. SmartlyPost adds the content to the updates queue based on category indicated for future use.


Plan Schedule

You can choose to schedule different types of updates to be shared at different times. Plan your schedule, and SmartlyPost will take over hereafter. You can also choose its auto-scheduling option, sit back, and relax!



SmartlyPost works like a vicious circle. Once your content is added and schedule is made, your social accounts will never go dry. SmartlyPost will turn around the content and re-post it to ensure your account stays lively even if it runs out of new feeds.

Why SmartlyPost

Take Work Out of Management


Ease of use

SmartlyPost is designed for ease of use and minimalism as a top priority. Our intent is to take complexity out of work and let every marketer use this easy platform for social media management.


Smart, effective marketing

SmartlyPost helps you stay in touch with your followers, keep them engaged and run end to end social media campaigns across multiple channels.


Single Deck

You can now manage all your business pages and social accounts from single window and make sure your social media campaign gets global. This ensures better engagement and reach with minimal effort.


Best Value

Because we believe in reaching out to our customers directly, SmartlyPost is able to channel savings right through to our customers. That is the reason why our pricing is always lower than the market price.


Why, When and Where You Need Us


From adding accounts and content to scheduling and posting, SmartlyPost can be managed from a desktop, laptop, a tablet or a mobile to boost your social media productivity without pain.


To pass over repetition and skip the mundane job of posting and re-posting, SmartlyPost lets you automate those most time-consuming tasks by creating and scheduling unlimited posts for all social media networks. It also ensures you never miss out an important day or greetings and there is a suitable post each day to engage your audience on your social channel. Set it, and forget it.


SmartlyPost has a smart calendaring system that lets you choose the perfect time for posts from various categories to go live. Whether you want to publish inspirational quotes on Monday mornings, or share a blogpost from the archive every week day, use highly customizable SmartlyPost to organize your daily, weekly and monthly social media tasks and increase your social visibility.


SmartlyPost lets you create unlimited categories for your updates and posts and the scheduler will pick posts from various categories in the directed frequency. This ensures your posts targeting different audiences do not pile up like laundry stack and none is ignored. This is a key feature that takes organization up to a distinctive level.


Discover the no sleep difference when SmartlyPost works endlessly and keeps doing the job day and night even on weekends and without taking any leave.


Track the trend in your industry and on your social networks; smartly analyze popular categories and trending posts with our analytics tool to plan more effective posts in the future.

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Get Started

Awesome New feature

We add new features to SmartlyPost frequently. You always have access to new features as soon as they're released. Check out the latest update.


Smart Content

Search and post the quality content on a single click.


Manage Order of Scheduled Categories

Decide priority of content at the time of scheduling.


Mark and Post Favorites

Mark noticed posts as favorite and reschedule them easy.

Plans & Pricing

Free for Life time, no paid subscription needed. No credit card required!


For Individual
Forever *
  • 1 Profile each Social Platform
  • Content Selection Tool
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Auto Scheduler
  • Add Content
  • Analytics
  • Calendar - Full
  • Monthly Post - Unlimited

The Game Is Changing

When an average American spends 40 minutes every day online, use social media to get your message across masses

  • Post on LinkedIn Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
    at 7–8:30 a.m., noon, and 5–6 p.m.
  • The best times to post on Facebook are
    Saturday and Sunday at 12 – 1 p.m.
  • The best time to tweet is
    noon and 5–7 p.m.
    on Wednesdays.

Frequenty Asked Questions about SmartlyPost

  • How should I organize posts using categories?

    You can schedule SmartlyPost planner to post your updates from various categories on given dates, days or time. This ensures regularity, balance and helps keep up a correspondence.

  • Why SmartlyPost works perfect as SMM management tool?

    SmartlyPost has all the smart features one can expect from a non-human to manage and organize your social media accounts. This is a platform with zero tolerance for errors to ensure your social media accounts and business pages maintain a productive as well as professional virtual ambiance.

  • Where can I find documentation about SmartlyPost?

    We've published a brief 2 minute video tutorial to demonstrate how to use SmartlyPost, including how to link accounts, add content, create categories, schedule, publish and use analytics tool. Watch the video tutorial to know how to integrate options and possibilities into your social media scheduler and learn how to effectively use SmartlyPost to promote your business.

  • Who uses Social media marketing management tool?

    • Professionals who like organized and well-planned work
    • Small to medium businesses who are highly active on social media channels for business promotions
    • Organizations who raise funds through social media or need to flood in information through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
    • Agencies and partners who manage multiple social media accounts for their clients


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Not convinced yet?

Check out these awesome features

feature cta
  • feature cta

    Intuitive Interface

    • Suitable for beginners and experts equally
    • Straightforward management of all social media accounts

  • feature cta

    Load and Go

    • Automated SMM with texts, images and quotes.
    • Simple loading wizard that helps create the best structure for data in queue

  • feature cta


    • Adjustable scheduling and queues for ‘zero confusion’ • Robust statistics and analytics for accurate analysis and quantification

  • feature cta


    • Support staff with extensive experience in software management and social media • Worldwide, multi-lingual communication with our customers

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